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Weekly Horoscope

Sun Sign Weekly Horoscope based by Chirag Daruwalla
Celebrity Astrologer : 12/8/2023 - 12/14/2023

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Chirag Daruwalla
Celebrity Astrologer


ARIES (March 21 to April 20): Ganesha says it is your nature to work continuously and you will have no shortage of work in the coming weeks. The coming week may prove to be very busy for you. You will be in work-with-fun mode this week. You will not feel tired even after having a lot of work. If you are a businessman or have just started a new business, your income will increase and you will get success in whatever work you do on this day. If you want, you can also start some new work. You may need help in your work. The good thing is that you will get support from whoever you need. You will also get prestige for the work you are doing.Lucky Day: MondayLucky Color: Brown

TAURUS (April 21 to May 20): Ganesha says this week will bring mixed results for Taurus people. Well, this week almost all your work will be done easily and your income will also improve. Those with children will also be happy. But on the other hand, there will be obstacles and unnecessary worries will also slow down the pace of your work. If you have any dispute going on for a long time and is not getting resolved even after many efforts, then this week you will see some positive changes here and you will find some calmness among your opponents, due to which the dispute will not end completely, but its There will be a decline in severity.Lucky Day: WednesdayLucky Color: Golden

GEMINI (May 21 to June 20): Ganesha says the beginning of the week will not be good. You may have to face many problems in the initial days itself. Just understand that by the end of the week, everything will be fine and all your problems will end. In the beginning, you will have a lot of worries and due to this, there will be a lack of self-confidence. Have faith in yourself and don't be afraid to do any work. Work done with careful consideration always gives good results. This week will be good in terms of work. All your work will be completed quickly. Your income will also improve. This week, if you think carefully before doing any work, you will face fewer obstacles in your work. If you want, you can also get help from someone for your work.Lucky Day: FridayLucky Color: Maroon

CANCER (June 21 to July 22): Ganesha says this week you should not be proud of anything because it does not take long for the tables to turn and once the tables turn, the times also change. Therefore, concentrate only on your work and do not be proud of the results you get from it. Avoid taking any kind of risk. Do not get into an argument or conflict with anyone. Concentrate only on your work. Have confidence in yourself and be careful in online transactions. Don't get misled by anyone. Be cautious even of your people. It is becoming difficult for you at this time to decide between right and wrong. Therefore, consider everything with a calm mind and then conclude.Lucky Day: SundayLucky Color: Violet

LEO (July 23 to August 22): Ganesha says this week will start with disappointment, bringing mixed results. You will have a feeling that everything is going to go wrong but Tuesday will be in your favor. The obstacles that were coming in your work will be reduced. You will also get benefits in the work you are doing. New work opportunities may also be available. You will have to work harder. You will have a lot of work. You will concentrate on your work, but there will be no dearth of things to distract you. Even after working hard, you will not get the results you expect. Your mind will remain sad and despair will dominate you.Lucky Day: TuesdayLucky Color: Silver

VIRGO (August 23 to September 22): Ganesha says this week you will get happiness from children. Maybe he will make you feel proud by passing with good marks. You will be happy by getting a promotion in your job or you will get satisfaction by starting some new work. This week, the obstacles already facing your work will also end. You will be able to do your work in a better way and you will get success and profit in your work. Your opponents may try to hinder your work. You just have to focus on your work and keep your mind calm. You will get benefits both personally and professionally on both these days. New contacts will be made and you will also get benefits from them.Lucky Day: ThursdayLucky Color: Red Libra

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22): Ganesha says it will take you a lot of time to decide anything. Small things will prick your heart and you will get angry. This anger will become the cause of your troubles. Happiness will come from children. You may get financial benefits from your children. If you are a businessman, your income will increase and the obstacles in your work will be eliminated. It is not that you will not have to work hard for this. You will get any result only after working hard. Your hard work will bear fruit and your work will be appreciated at the workplace. Your income will also increase and you may get to do new work. You will enjoy doing these new tasks a lot. But amidst all this, you should also take care of your health.Lucky Day: SaturdayLucky Color: Blue

SCORPIO (October 23 to November 22): Ganesha says this week the time will remain favorable in every way. Everything will be good in your personal and professional life. You will get good opportunities in the job also. You still won't be satisfied. Your work may get spoiled because of someone else. However, you will handle every situation. Don't get influenced by what your relatives or neighbors say. If you indulge in useless talk then you may have unnecessary disputes with someone. Also, limit your expenses as your expenses may be high this week. Don't waste money buying unnecessary things.Lucky Day: MondayLucky Color: Green

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 to December 22): Ganesha says there will be happiness in life this week. You will get support from your brothers and your bravery will be great. If you are thinking of doing something new then you can get financial help from your brothers. This week your luck will also be in your favor, this will ensure stability in income in whatever business or profession you are in and you will get solutions to your problems. Whatever work you do this week, you will be successful in it and you will earn a lot of profit. You will be indifferent towards work and your income may also decline. Try to use your mind and do not think again and again about what is troubling you.Lucky Day: TuesdayLucky Color: Gray

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19): Ganesha says the economic problem that has been going on for a long time may now end. Also, all your work will run smoothly. Wherever there are obstacles, you will also find a way to eliminate them. Your family will also provide support. You will get success in land-related matters and victory in disputes. Opponents will not be able to win over you and your bravery will be superior. Keep in mind that you will get victory, but if you violate someone else's rights, you may have to suffer the consequences. Therefore, work only that which provides justice to all. After this, there is no doubt that you will achieve unexpected success.Lucky Day: ThursdayLucky Color: Yellow

AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18): Ganesha says you are most troubled in your personal life at this time. You are not finding any solution and because of this, you are becoming even more irritable. But this nature of yours can only harm you. Your income will improve and work will gain momentum. Good news may also be received. The news of completion of the work you have been engaged in doing for a long time is a good sign for you. All will be well with you in the times to come. You must have changed your nature. You will not get any happiness by snatching away the rights of others.Lucky Day: FridayLucky Color: Pink

PISCES (Febraury 19 to March 20): Ganesha says you may have to face problems this week. There is no need to panic any problem has arisen then there is some solution to overcome it. You may have to face financial problems. There may be a decline in income and unnecessary expenses. Those from whom you expect cooperation will step back. This will hurt you even more. Your action plans will be successful and your situation will also improve. There will be victory in disputed matters. The thought of increasing permanent assets will remain in your mind.Lucky Day: MondayLucky Color: Black

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