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New drug for pancreatic cancer shows promise in trial
Women with sleep apnea at increased risk of cancer: Study
Kids with mild asthma can use inhalers as needed
Doctors can help parents talk with their kids about sex
People with HIV at increased risk of COPD: Study
Telangana hospitals stop healthcare services
Medical college named after A.B. Vajpayee inaugurated
Lonza India aims at 15% annual growth
High testosterone can make you more sensitive to moral norms
124 people died of Dengue in Central America: UN
FDA approves new drug for deadly tuberculosis
Air pollution as bad as smoking a cigarette pack per day
Pregnant transgender men at higher risk of depression
Researchers produce bone substitutes from eggshells
50-year-old woman walks after 15 years
Heart attack cases higher in areas with more fast food outlets
Hookah more toxic than other forms of smoking tobacco: Study
Asians get least sleep due to high cultural demands
Researchers design system to help elderly during falls
New law to help prevent suicides among California youth
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