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Historical Event on 9/26/1820

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar (Banerji), great Indian educationist, social reformer, litterateur, father of Bengali prose and who gave the Bengalees their first Primer in 1855, was born in the village of Birsingha in Midnapore district of Bengal.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/17/1905Judge Mohammad Hidayatullah, Chief Justice and Supreme Court of India, was born.
2/6/1985Vikram Kumar, Soccer(Football) player, was born.
10/14/1956Dr. Bhimrao Ramji, Ambedkar and about two lakh scheduled caste men and women embraced Buddhism in Nagpur.
3/6/1991Chandrasekhar resigns as PM.
11/24/1992Milan Kumar Banerjee appointed Attorney General.
9/7/1887Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj, editor and master, was born at Dhamrai in Dhaka now in Bangladesh.
11/15/1992Praveen Amre scores century (103) on Test Cricket debut vs South Africa at Durban
8/4/1929Kishor Kumar Ganguly, well known singer, was born at Khandava. He is also rememberd as a comic actor, director and musician.
9/30/1972Pakistani troops shell into the Indian zone of Kashmir.
5/30/1950Devdutta Ramkrishna Bhandarkar, great historian and archaeologist, passed away.